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Dramatic irony.Without hesitation and to both her and daddys suprise may reached out to gently stroke the horses massive cock and brought it to her mouth.That notwithstanding, no harm and no foul this day.We always were.”As my senses came back I lifted up on my elbows to take my upper body weight off her.Behind them, the bell rang as someone came in.I stand in the middle of the room and tell Michael and Billy to come to me and the other two to go to Andre I tell Michael to suck my dick he begins by taking me out of my leathers he pulls them down and begins licking my balls when he takes me into his mouth his it is so hot and wet I moan when he takes me to the back of his throat he swallows around me and I groan I tell him to stop and let Billy take over he takes me to the root I look down and see Michael licking my balls I tell Michael to stop I don’t want to cum to fast Billy is working his throat muscles and it feels good I look over at Andre who has his dick down Rex’s throat

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