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This summer, we hit a record high on visitors and profits!” A few people clapped and all the employees had a great sense of pride.“Right.“Can you imagine the scandal there’s going to be in the galactic media when it sees evidence the Republic paid for Gaianesian women to serve as sex slaves on its prison planet?“Uh huh sure, missing Diane’s pussy, are we?”She feasted on me, teasing me. The pleasure rippled through my body.She was sitting beside me and, like me, she was pregnant with my daddy's child.It’s just been too long since I’ve had a nice piece of ass like yours.” She says as she pulls my boxers down revealing my bare butt.Someone had had a bad start.She collapsed beside me, out like a light.I matched Daddy's rhythm, my bowels clenching on his dick.But three and now her husband would totally touch her.The flight would depart Los Angeles at around 4:55 PM and with the connecting stops it had to make would not reach Philadelphia International until 11:18 PM East

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