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It was sweet as honey but more fluid, I couldn't stop to suck out more and more and it wouldn't stop to fill my mouth and my belly.She said that she would not mind one of the couples.I groaned and got up from the chair and looked at the monitors and saw a group of three girls in the lobby."And why not?Morgan laid perfectly still in bed as a soldier walked into the room to check on her.There was another student with him…it was Lou…one of my best friends.She nodded.I obliged, after the treatment she gave me I could not say "no" to her, plus it was no issue to me. On our way there she disposed of my used condom in a nearby trashcan.“Oh fuck yes.She dragged the shirt up over her body, exposing the soft curve of her hips and her toned stomach.Kimbo looked down at her, saying nothing as he bared his ugly teeth in a smug almost contemptuous grin.Employing a style he was proud to say he crafted, he first licked her clitoris by curving his tongue around it, giving Olivia a sensation they