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Lucifer and Michael, Moses and the Pharaoh, David and Goliath, Jesus and Satan.” She shivered.When Monday afternoon finally rolled around, I met Chris after school, and we took the city bus (as opposed to a school bus) home together.In normal circumstances she would never have played with such a thought, but right now it was like she was in heat, she needed to be touched and sucked and fucked.He stayed hard.Ahhhh...“Are you familiar with a small Bar off Columbus Circle called "Dan's Den?"“Yes, I’ve been there a few times with friends,” Erin answered.Which the girls took very well.“Yes, grandpa, is a letch just like you.For now, ten of us stand nervously waiting in line, dressed in the clothes that for nine of us will be the last garments we wear as free women – “cunts” in Slaver slang.“Oh, God,” she moaned as she pulled it up further and further into her.Even if you have to sneak out her window once in a while, it’ll be worth it.”It was specified that hands we

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