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“Are those the only things you have on beneath that robe?”“Ohhhhhhhh yeah sis just like that!”But I’m not blind.Ron looks to Tim and not Tomas.Touching it, they both trembled as almost forgotten feelings were thrust to the surface.I had always wanted to fuck her from the very first day I walked into the office.He was just lying down when she came from her shower; as she climbed over him, she took his dick in her mouth and went to work.As he looked down he noticed that they were stained with a small wet spot and he was positive it wasn’t sweat.One more word and maybe I will."She was well aware that he was being overwhelmed by sensation.That was a week ago when I arranged a younger bi-sexual man to pleasure both of us for Carol’s forty-fifth birthday.With every passing move from our lips, I felt my heart loving her a bit more.My breath had been taken and now it slowly returned as I rested on the table.How could I say no to that?I handed them their coffees and we sat at the